What is Mazda SkyActiv Technology?

engineConsumers have always admired the efficiency of engines and transmission of Mazda. It is because of the Mazda SkyActiv Technology that it has implemented in all its vehicles. Ever since its launch in 2011, Mazda cars and SUVs have been selling nonstop to both private and commercial customers.

Key characteristics of SkyActiv

Reduction of fuel consumption

Most daily commuters and city drivers want a vehicle that can bring top performance with fewer costs. If you prepared for a Hong Kong sightseeing, you would not like to spend half your money on gasoline alone. With SkyActiv Technology, you have an engine that gives you financial savings while traveling.

Fewer environment emissionsmazda car

The environment should suffer as vehicle technology rises. The team from Mazda made sure that the vehicles also have reduced environmental emissions. You can go to your favorite vacation hotels, reserve them using Agoda discount code or galleon coupon code and maintain the fresh air through the use of Mazda vehicles.

High compression ratio

What does a high compression ratio have to do with the good performance of a vehicle? The compression ratio of an internal combustion vehicle refers to the ratio of the volume of the combustion chamber when the piston is at the top stroke to the volume left during the bottom stroke. A high compression ratio means that with every stroke, it maximizes the amount of fuel being burned.

The SkyActiv Technology also prevents knock from occurring. The knock of an engine is the sound you hear when there is premature ignition inside the chamber. The excess of the required temperature is removed from the chamber, thus, controlling the environment inside it. Heat is collected and transferred to the exhaust line using a specially designed exhaust pipe system that prevents backfiring and returning of these hot gases.

More lightweight and better handling

When it comes to the look and feel of the vehicle, there is certainly no compromise. From its previous body chassis, the experts from Mazda were able to reduce weight by 220 pounds. According to test results, the body is also made more rigid, with the percentage increased to 30%.

With the less weight and improved composition of the exterior, you can just get more accessories for your vehicles through Aliexpress coupon and promo codes to make your car more stylish according to your preferred look.