1. What is Mazda Madness?

This website is created for fans of Mazda. You can find all the information you need about anything related to Mazda. If you are new to Mazda Madness, you can browse through our pages filled with news, updates, and other information about the brand and the company. Check out our updates on the best deals and special discounts of various models and types.

2. Why did you create the website?

If you are a Mazda lover, you will understand. We are providing a platform for the Mazda users and drivers who continuously seek information and updates of the brand. We open the doors for car enthusiasts who can talk and converse with other car lovers to talk about any topic related to Mazda.

3. Who can advertise on your page?

Anyone can use our website to promote their companies and businesses. Rest assured that you will get the mileage that you want for your own brand. Even if our website says Mazda-Madness, feel free to advertise other vehicle deals. Post promo codes and online shops voucher codes to help customers save on products.

4. Why do you encourage people to write for you?

Mazda Madness is powered by the followers and visitors of the page. Although our team is composed of Mazda car enthusiasts, we rely heavily on the input of other Mazda car lovers to share information and updates through articles and website content.

6. What companies do you partner with?

Although we are a separate brand from Mazda, we do have affiliates and partners. We work in close association with online shops like Lazada and Zalora. We also reach out to other car brand fan sites to jointly sponsor and support car shows, conferences, seminars, and other car events.