Evolution of Mazda Vehicles throughout the Years

Mazda Motor Corporation is a trusted brand in terms of creating reliable sedans. From the establishment of the corporation in 1920 up until today, you can depend on the brand to provide you with high-quality cars and sedans.

Do you want to stroll through memory lane and check out the improvement and innovation of the Mazda vehicles? Here is a brief history of one of the most beloved cars in the world.

The 1960s

It was not until the 60s that Mazda started to enter the vehicle industry. The first manufactured vehicle of the brand is the NSU Ro 80. It ran on twin rotors and a Wankel engine. It follows the vacuum system to control the clutch. Its style was considered ahead of its time. Since it was the first vehicle that they created, many still doubted its reliability and quality.

The 1970s

Mazda made its presence felt in the North American market. The company is so successful in capturing the eyes and trust of the region that it created the Rotary Pickup especially for this side of the world.

But the downside with rotary engines is that it consumes too much fuel compared to other existing engines. That is why, during the 1973 crisis, the sales of Mazda vehicles went down. But the company stayed on and continue creating cars and other vehicles. They focused on the needs of consumers regarding more dependable engines with lesser fuel consumption and higher efficiency. If you owned a Mazda Familia, you are one of those who added to the increase in sales for the brand.

The 1980s

Mazda did not just want to change take away the original engine that they used for their vehicles. Instead of selling the cars to normal motorists, Mazda carved a new market for their vehicles. They targeted those on the higher end of the echelon. These are the sports cars enthusiasts who would spend more money on luxurious vehicles. One of the popular models until today is the Mazda MX-5 Miata.


Technology has indeed improved Mazda cars throughout the years. But fortunately, you can still get the best deals on these vehicles without spending too much on them. You can even save more through voucher codes and coupon codes on products.