Electric vs Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

Technology in terms of vehicle innovation only continues to improve throughout the years. From the ordinary wheel barrel in the old time to the internal combustion engines and electric vehicles that we have today.

The latter two types of vehicles are now being sold widely all over the world. What are the differences between the two? Should I now use electric vehicles instead of the internal combustion engine vehicles?

In terms of look

You will not be able to distinguish electric vehicles from those which have internal combustion engines just based on their exteriors. Both have great designs. The engineers of both types of vehicles implement aerodynamics and aesthetics when designing cars and SUVs.

You would need to go inside and check the hood of the car to know which is which. If you still do not own any of the two you can rent both to see the difference. Get rental cars coupon code & discounts to save on your visual experiment and testing.

In terms of engine

Here is what the main difference lies between cars powered by electricity and those powered by internal combustion engines.

Internal combustion vehicles are the vehicles that we have on our roads and streets. They are called as such because the combustion occurs inside the machine.

The engines run on either diesel or gasoline fuel. The type of fuel also determines the way combustion happens internally. For diesel engines, the ideal temperature inside the combustion chamber is reached by the compression of air. Diesel is injected in the chamber at the top stroke of the engine. This chemical explosion pushes the piston back and makes the wheels rotate. Exhaust gases are expelled through the manifold system. With an internal combustion engine fueled by gasoline, the main difference is the addition of spark plugs that ignite the mixture causing a chemical combustion.

Electric vehicles, on the other hand, uses electric batteries to power up the vehicles. No exhaust system is needed for these vehicles. But the heat created by throughout the system should be managed through a systematic cooling system.

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