Behind Mazda’s Two-Word Slogans

We love slogans that are short, precise, and direct to the point. It looks like Mazda took it to heart. Their older slogan was just composed of two interesting words “Zoom-Zoom”. They updated their slogan from Zoom-Zoom to Driving Matters. We don’t know about you, but we like their old slogan. It has a ring to it. But both are great and are good for their brand.


Mazda is Serious About Quality

Mazda is a Japanese Company, and we all know that the Japanese people know their craft. Kaizen is what they call it. This word stands for continuous improvement. They’ll never stop improving and innovating in all aspects of car making. Their slogan “Zoom-Zoom” might be short, but it is rich in meaning. However, since they are unfamiliar words like kode promo redDoorz, people don’t get what Mazda is trying to convey. According to Russell Wager, they asked the people in their organization and got different answers. What they want to convey with the words “Zoom-Zoom” is improving lives through quality driving while having fun.

They Want Connection

mazdaMazda realized that as we approach consumer-focused age, they need to strongly convey their message as a brand. That’s why they decided to change their slogan to “Driving Matters”. Bons de réduction valide pour AliExpress applauded Mazda for changing their gears in terms of their marketing approach. “Driving Matters” is more serious and have feelings of sincerity with it. This is exactly what Mazda wants. They want to express their sincerity towards their work and give their promise that they would continue to serve their loyal customers.

The Joy of Driving Mazda Cars

The designs of Mazda cars say it all. They are insightful, spirited, and stylish ready to take a leap of faith to innovate. Mazda would like to reach the universal gutschein to expand its operations by being the first to offer award-winning designs that bring us joy. Mazda cars are all about giving joy to the drivers, so they can hold their head up and be proud that they are driving a Mazda car.